Vendor Agreement

By completing the checkout process you automatically agree to this vendor agreement and are held to the standards below.

• Spaces are assigned after all tables have been rented and a blueprint of our venue has been drawn up. If you have an issue with the space assigned to you, please let us know. If we find the reason to be valid we will have no problem moving you.

• Packing up before the designated end time will ensure you do not receive a return invitation and ensures that we will stop any and all advertising of your company. If there are still customers coming in past our ending time, you may want to stay later. We have no objection to that, but please do not start packing up until closing. We find it disrespectful to the other vendors as well as to the company you represent.

• You must arrive on time as scheduled. No setting up past the cut off time is permitted. Cut off times are generally 30 minutes prior to event start time but may vary from event to event. Please see the final event email for exact cut off times. If you cannot be set up by the start time of the event, you will not be permitted to set up and will forfeit your booth fee.


• If you are a no call no show for a date you are booked for, or if you leave early, you forfeit all future dates booked with us to include fees, and are not welcomed back to our events. We expect every company owner to be professional and be on time and remain for the duration of the event.

• Meals: Outside food and drink differ from event to event. Please see the event details for more information.

• Raffle Items: The mandatory raffles differ from event to event. Please see the event details for more information.

• Once you have registered for the event, you are expected to be there! You are operating as an Independent Consultant for this event. Should something arise that will prevent you from attending, illness, weather, family event, etc. you are required to get in touch with us so we may begin looking for your replacement. Your "replacement" is required to be from the same company you work for, if direct sales, or of the same product you make, if a crafter. Examples include but are not limited to: Avon being replaced with Avon or Mary Kay, wreath making being replaced by another wreath maker, wood burning being replaced by another wood burner, Paparazzi being replaced with another Paparazzi rep or another jewelry company, etc. Only once a replacement is found and they have paid will you be refunded. This is in effect as soon as we have received payment for your space and is not affected by how much time is in between the booking date and the event date.

• If you are a "no call no show" to an event you booked, you forfeit all future bookings with us, and will not receive a return invitation. You will be removed from our group, email list and website, and blocked from booking future events with us. If you cannot make it to the event you are booked for, you are required to get in touch with us as soon as you know. You can do this via email, call or text. If we do hear from you, you will still be permitted into future events so it is in your best interest to get in touch with us.

• Only one company per space. You are more than welcome to bring help to “man” your space and assist you with sales and stocking, but advertising two companies in one space is not allowed. This is way too confusing for the customers and allows other people to rep a company you may be trying to double up on.

• Loss, Damage, Injury: Neither the venue, nor Polkadot Promotions are responsible for lost or stolen items, damage to your property or injuries incurred at the event. Insurance is not required by you for our events unless stated otherwise, but it is a good idea to have anyways.

• Per Polkadot Promotions Rules: We are not allowing anyone to hang anything on the walls or from the ceiling. Any damages to the walls, carpet/flooring or venue property will be billed directly to you and not the coordinator of the event. You may bring additional tables and chairs for your space, but please do not crowd the space of others. You may want to make sure your display will fit in the space given for the event. If your display is large, you may want to consider a double space. Please ask if you need a space size that is not listed as we may be able to accommodate you.

• We love kids! However, this is not the best place for them to be for 8+ hours during an event. They tend to get bored and cranky watching you work. Please make alternate arrangements for childcare during the event. Our only exception to this is if the vendor is a child. We fully support child entrepreneurship!

• Tables and Chairs: Supplied tables and chairs differ from event to event. Please see the event details for more information.

• You are required to provide your own linens for your tables. Table linens must come down to the floor to hide anything underneath your table. Table linens are rarely provided but please see the event details for more information. The only exception to this is if the venue is supplying linens for you.

• It is expected that every vendor will be dressed appropriately for the event to properly represent their company and according to the weather. 

• Vendors are expected to be polite and professional to customers and other vendors. If you have a problem with another vendor, please bring it to the event organizer instead of causing a scene at the event.

• Vendors are expected to clean up their spaces at the end of the event. If anything more than “sweeping” is required of your space, you will be charged a clean-up fee of up to $50.

• Wi-Fi and Electricity: Wi-Fi and Electricity availability differ from event to event. Please see the event details for more information.

• Payment. Payments are only accepted via our pos system. We do not accept cash, checks, money orders or PayPal. Your method of payment will be kept on file and should you be billed for a booth left messy or any damage done to the venue, you agree to let Polkadot Promotions automatically bill you for the damages to the payment method on file.

• As the event organizer we reserve the right to rescind an invitation to an event or a request to participate in any events that we organize in the future. Participating at an event does not give any representative/crafter/organization a right to participation in any future events that we may organize. 

• Once your booth purchase has been submitted, it is considered final. There are absolutely no refunds given at any time to include no shows, dissatisfaction with the event, venue or company, leaving early, arriving late and being turned away, or any other reason that is not listed above.

If you have any questions at all regarding the event, please feel free to contact us at or 779-302-6281.

Updated July 21, 2019 at 10:45pm cst