Meet the Team

       Deb Ambrose                                  Ashley Bone

Team Manager                                        Owner

      "I'm Ashley, a mom of two, US Army Veteran and Entrepreneur Enthusiast. I have been in the direct sales and event industry for 13 years and know what is needed to promote small businesses and help them grow. I am also a graphic designer and small business owner. I started this business because I saw a lot of things I didn't like at events as a vendor and I want to change it all and give other small business owners events they'll never forget! Here at Polkadot Promotions we are always thinking outside the box and looking for ways to help each vendor grow."

Ashley Bone

     "Hello my name is Deb and I grew up in a local family owned business. My father taught me good communication skills, people skills and how to have good business ethics; and I carry those qualities with me always. I have been an Entrepreneur Enthusiast, like my daughter! I have owned several small businesses throughout the years, and I prefer to work with small business owners. Ashley and I work very well together, and the one thing we’re always thinking about is YOU, and how can we make YOUR experience the best!!"

Deb Ambrose
Team Manager