We know everyone has questions about how we here at Polkadot Promotions run our events, so here is our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Section.

If you still find that your question is not answered  after reading here, please feel free to email us.

Q: What are the crafter & vendor fees used for?

A: 1/3rd of all vendor fees always go directly towards the advertising of the event. 1/3rd goes towards the rental space of the venue and the remaining 1/3rd goes towards any additional signage that is needed, decorations we choose to use for our theme, and any "characters" we choose to hire (ie Santa, Easter Bunny, etc)

Q: You state that you provide lunch to the vendors for each event. If I bring a family member or friend to help with my booth, do they get fed too?

A: Unfortunately, no. We only feed our vendors. Some events we allow you to purchase another meal for your friend or family member and some events we sell lunch. Everyone is more than welcome to bring their own lunch though - so long as outside food and drink are allowed. Please see the details for each event for the rules on outside food and drink.

Q: Can my child be a vendor or crafter at your event?

A: Of course! Our own children/grandchildren run their own booths. However we do ask that an adult is with them or nearby at all times to assist them if need be.

Q: If I was a crafter or vendor at an annual event the year before, do I get "dibs" on the next annual event?

A: As of right now, this is not something we are considering as we would like everyone to have the chance to attend our events. Therefore our events are on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: Is there a newsletter or mailing list I can subscribe to to hear about future events as a vendor?

A: No. We do not have a mailing list for vendors. The only way we recruit vendors and crafters is through our member directory on this website, and our Facebook Group. ----- Our only mailing list, which can be subscribed to below, is for customers to hear about our future events. The location, date, time and vendors/crafters attending. Anyone may subscribe to this newsletter.

Q: How much does it cost to be a member of your website directory?

A: Currently, for our first year, our directory is FREE. However, come October 31, 2019 our directory will re-set and anyone who would like to be placed in our online directory will be charged a small listing fee. Our directory for 2020 will be more personalized for each vendor; to include a photo, small blurb, contact info and website.